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Fishing Report 6/28/14

Fishing Report 6/28/14

Salmon is open right now in the Tulalip Bubble May 30-Sept 1 but there are a couple of days that its closed; see the regulation booklet for details. I’ve heard several anglers say they’re catching some fish there so its definitely worth a shot while you’re letting your crab pots soak next week. The rest of areas 8-1 & 8-2 will open for Coho Salmon on August 1 but Area 9 opens on July 1.

Crabbing season opens in most of the Puget Sound (including areas 8-1, 8-2 and 9) on Thursday, July 3rd. The rules are the same as last year: Thursday-Monday every week through Labor Day. Limit 5 dungeness crab per person per day, 6 1/4″ minimum, hardshell males only. Each person is allowed 2 crab pots in the water. Don’t forget to mark your buoys with your personal information and make sure your pots are legal; I’ve seen several garage sale crab pots lately that are old and not legal anymore… it doesn’t matter how much of a bargain it was, when the game department writes you a big fat ticket, you’ll wish you had spent the extra money on a new setup from your local tackle shop instead.


$49.99+tax while supplies last!

If you’re fishing from the shore, flounder are always open and fun to fish for. Use either chunks of herring or nightcrawlers at the end of a 24″ leader and 1oz spin sinker.


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