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New Chinook Fishing Video

No one can argue with the fishing prowess of John Martinez. Here’s the link to a new video he put out on Chinook Fishing in the Puget Sound, check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Sa-UgcnLUA&feature=plcp .


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Fish Smart

This article is designed to help all anglers increase the survival rate of fish they catch & release and thereby increase populations and our ability to fish recreationally for generations to come.

General guidelines for releasing marine recreational fish:

* Plan ahead: pack the gear needed to release fish before you go on your trip.
* Avoid encountering fish that you are required to release or don’t want to keep; Change location or tactics.
* Use tackle suited to the size of fish you hope to catch.
* Don’t play fish to exhaustion; use higher # test line to minimize playing time.
* Land fish as quickly as possible and leave them in the water if you intend to release them. Knotless/rubberized landing nets and gloves help protect a fish’s slime layer. Support their body when lifting.
* Carry release tools when fishing.
* Release fish as quickly as possible; the less time out of water, the better.
* Do your homework. More information on increasing survival rates can be found at http://www.fishsmart.org

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Fishing Report 5/6/11

Winter Salmon season ended on the 30th of April and most local anglers would agree that it was one of the poorest Winter season’s we’ve seen. That being said, on the 20th of April a massive 23lb hatchery Blackmouth was caught by Jeff Audet of Fish Bones Guide Service. That is very big for a hatchery fish. While few keeper fish were caught this Winter; most of them were of good size. Only time will tell what that means in the long run for the Blackmouth fishery around here.
Needless to say, that 23 pounder took home the 1st place prize of $504 in the Elger Bay Grocery running derby. Jeff also won the “total gross weight” of fish caught throughout the tournament with a total of 67lbs of Salmon weighed-in to the contest. 2nd place went to Glen Helton with his 17lb 3oz early leader. And the mystery prize went to Ryan Cahan with his 17lb Salmon. Thanks to all who participated and we hope to see more of you in next year’s contest!
The new fishing regulation booklets are now available at every license dealer location.
A few season changes that are just happening:
April 30th – Was opening day of Trout season for most lowland lakes.
May 1st – Was opening day of Lingcod season. See new books or WDFW website for current size and catch limits.
May 5th – Opening day of Halibut season in areas 6 – 10. See new books or WDFW website for current size and catch limits.
Saturday May 7th and Wednesday May 11th – Shrimping is open in Marine areas 8 through 10. Additional days may be announced after the 11th based on quota status.
Friskies & Chub Mackerel, along with oil, yellow buoys & bait barrels for shrimping are NOW IN STOCK @ ELGER BAY! We also have every size/color of herring, including the extra large for halibut/lings.

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Live Sand Shrimp Available

Elger Bay Grocery will have live sand shrimp available on Thursday afternoon, January 20th.

Please note: we will try to have live sand shrimp available whenever possible this Spring while Sturgeon fishing is hot. If we are out of live shrimp; we always have fresh-frozen sand shrimp available in our bait freezer that still work well for Sturgeon if you doctor them up with Berkley Gulp Shrimp spray, which we also sell. To be quite honest, you should be using Shrimp spray for Sturgeon whether your bait is live or not.

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Fishing Report 9/18/09

Apparently, there are still Humpys being caught out at Seiku… which means we may be looking at a situation where there are still lots of Humpys in the Puget Sound when areas 8-1 & 8-2 close… which I don’t ever remember happening.

A few anglers are still plying the waters around Camano Head and having mixed success. Most of these are either trolling Pink hootchies or casting Buzz Bombs.

Most of the action though is on the rivers, especially the Stillaguamish. Buzz Bombs and squid-jigs are having mixed success, but the best results are being seen by anglers using Dick Nite spoons on 3 feet of leader. Cast upstream and retrieve slowly as it bounces along the bottom. I saw 3 different guys limit out on 3 different colors, so my opinion is that color doesn’t seem to matter.

This past weekend there were some Silvers caught down at Shipwreck and Possession bar. The best setup right now is an 11″ Purple Haze flasher with an 18-24″ leader and a Coho Killer spoon. Don’t forget the Smelly Jelly!

Should be great fishing for the Everett Coho Derby this weekend. The biggest challenge is sifting through the Pinks to get those elusive Silvers. For those who didn’t know, the derby is this weekend, the 19th & 20th; costs $25 for adults and should be a lot of fun. For ticket outlets, visit their website: http://www.everettcohosalmonderby.com/ticketoutletsnew.html

Lastly, for those who were in this weekend and saw my empty shelves, never fear! I have been completely restocked on everything except for Hot Pink Buzz Bombs; noone has those 🙂

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Fishing Report 8/13/2009

The latest reports on this year’s Humpy run indicates that its already begun, which in past years hasn’t happened until the end of August. Anglers are having luck both trolling and casting off the beach. They aren’t yet thick enough to walk across like the state is predicting they will be once the run is in full swing, but they can be seen jumping close to shore here and there. At Camano Island State Park, the most success is being seen with 2″ and 2 1/2″ pink buzz bombs and Humpy Special spoons. A couple of anglers have even caught some Silvers. ..

Offshore, they are catching them with larger buzz bombs(casting) and herring(trolling). The “race track”, an area between the south end of Camano Island and the north end of Hat Island, was seeing great results with trolled herring last week. One pair of fishermen report having caught 2-3 Humpys per day, every day! Yesterday, however, the word was that the school had moved past the south end of the island already.

Reports on Summer Chinook in Area 9 have all but died since last week. My dad and several other locals all tried their luck at various spots with no results. Fish finders showed plenty of dots in the more shallow water(Humpys), but no glimpses of the coveted Kings down deeper.

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Are YOU ready for Winter Blackmouth?

Because we are!

If you are planning on hitting the Puget Sound January 1st; you need to check out our new fishing corner:

We’ve got EVERYTHING you need to fish for ANYTHING

on or around Camano Island including:

Hot Spot flashers, Buzz Bombs, Spoons, Blue Foxes, Squids and Squid rigging accessories, Scents & Attractants, Herring/Nightcrawlers/Sandshrimp, Terminal Tackle, Rods, Reels, Tackle Boxes, Clothing/Gloves, and so much more!

And from December 18th – December 31st,


What’s hot for Blackmouth you ask? Well, there are several tried and true setups for catching Blackmouth around Camano. Here are the two that I most recommend:

1) Army truck or green/glow spoon w/ a UV flasher and Pautzke’s Gel Krill/Smelly Jelly – Herring

2) Army truck or green/glow squid w/ a UV flasher and Smelly Jelly – Squid

*I recommend anything and everything UV, period. Purple haze has seen success with several species of fish, including Blackmouth. Smelly Jelly and Pro-Cure now make UV scents, so make sure you have those in your tackle box.


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Flasher Tips

Here are some general guidelines for trolling with a flasher:

120 feet or less – UV, Glow or Silver can be used
120 feet or deeper – UV only, Glow or Silver cannot be seen in the light spectrum at this depth. Some even say to switch to UV at around 100 feet

Distance from flasher to lure, depending on size of flasher:
Blackmouth(young Chinook) – 24″-32″
Kings(adult Chinook) – 36″-42″
Silvers(Coho) – 18″-24″

We carry both sizes of Hot Spot’s Glow, UV and Silver flashers in all the hottest colors, come check’em out today!

Try attaching your flasher directly to your downrigger ball instead of your line; you’ll fight the fish, not the flasher.

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