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Fishing Report 4/22/15

Fishing Report 4/22/15
First up, here are the results from Ed Keller on the Stanwood Eagle’s Derby last weekend:
“2015 28th Annual Eagles Fishing Derby Results:
WOW what an amazing year!  We had 136 entries, the most in Eagles Fishing Derby history and 17 fish weighed in for the weekend ranging from 4 pounds 10 ounces up to 18 pounds 14 ounces.  The weather was once again outstanding; couldn’t ask for a nicer weekend to be out fishing.  The first place fish took home a whopping $3,060!  

1st Place – Tina Taylor with 18lbs 14oz                $3,060        Was found in the sunken boat

2nd Place – Ron Lampers with 17lbs 5oz                 $1,360        Stuck to his waders as he was running to weighin

3rd Place – Oren Erickson with 15lbs 11oz                $1,020        Caught at Columbia Beach on a Spongebob Squidward

4th Place – Barry Whalen with 13lbs 7oz                $680        Caught at Hat Island scooped up in a bucket

5th Place – Rhonda Mackenize with 12lbs 12oz        $340        Caught on the Race Track going round and round only making left turns

Thanks to all of our great donors, everyone who came to weigh in on Sunday went home with a prize.   We couldn’t put this on without the support of our community and all of the great fishermen and women who come out each year. See Everybody Next Year. FISH  ON!!!!! ”

As it so happens, Tina Taylor’s 18lb 14oz fish is also the current leader in the Elger Bay Grocery running Blackmouth Derby!

There are quite a few season changes coming up in the next month:

~ Trout fishing opens in most Washington lakes this coming Saturday, April 25th.

~ Shrimping is open in Marine areas 8-1, 8-2 & 9 May 2 & May 13, 2015, from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Note – will reopen June 1 for coonstripe and pink shrimp fishing only.). To see the other marine area shrimp seasons, go here: http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/shellfish/shrimp/

~ Halibut is open in Marine areas 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 on May 8 and 9, Friday and Saturday; May 15-16, Friday and Saturday; May 21-24, Thursday through Sunday and; May 28-30, Thursday through Saturday. In all marine areas open to halibut fishing, there is a one-fish daily catch limit and no minimum size restriction. Anglers must record their catch on a WDFW catch record card.

For those of you in need of shrimp bait/gear, all of Elger Bay Grocery’s shrimping gear and bait will be in stock by the end of this week. For those who are interested in learning more about shrimping in the Puget Sound, this website has great info: http://www.salmonuniversity.com/ol_shrimping101.html.

And lastly, for those of you looking for the new fishing regulations, please feel free to call WDFW and complain because they don’t have the new books out yet, but they won’t allow us to order any more of the old books either…



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2015 Hot Plug’s Derby Results

Here’s the results from Ed Keller on the 2015 Hot Plug’s Derby:

1st Place Terry Pitt of Sedro Woolley 15.12 lbs $2350 Northend of Camano Island on a spoon

2nd Place Ron Lampers of Whidbey Island 12.05 lbs $940 Whidbey Island side somewhere on bait.

3rd Place Glenn Helton of Sedro Woolley 10.05 lbs $705 Greenbanks on a squid

4th Place Jack McKeehan of Arlington 9.14lbs $470 Racetrack on a spoon

We had 94 entries and 13 fish weighed in. It was probably the best weather the Hot Plug’s Derby has seen in a very long time. Flat as glass and nice and sunny. Doubled the fish of last year too. There was people fishing from the Langley all the way up to the north end of Camano. My boat even put two fish in the boat. 9 and a 6 lb right off Pebble beach, just couldn’t be a better day to be fishing.

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Fishing Report 3/6/14

Fishing Report 3/6/14
We have seen a few more boats hitting the water as the weather has allowed these past couple weeks and while we’ve seen a couple of fish brought by the store, it still could be a lot better. There seems to be quite a bit of bait in the water, and some fish are being marked on finders but they are really reluctant to bite.
Here are the results for the Hot Plug’s Derby that took place last Saturday:
1st Place    Zac Mackey       12.11 lbs   $2100    Camano Head.     On a spoon
2nd Place   Gary Brossard    11.09 lbs  $840       Not sure where.
3rd Place    Ron Lampers     10.11 lbs   $630      Not sure where.   Running bait.
4th Place    Doug Schneider 10.01 lbs   $420      Onamac Point.     Running squid.
There were 84 entries in the derby and 7 Fish weighed in total.
The weather was cold but flat as glass in the morning till late afternoon. Then a East wind picked up and made it a little choppy. Other then that a good day to be fishing Blackmouth.
The Stanwood Eagles Derby is coming up on April 12th-13th and we will have flyers and sign ups for that in the store soon.
Joshua Flickner
Elger Bay Grocery(www.elgerbaygrocery.com)

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Fishing Report 10/31/2012

First of all: I apologize for the lack of reports lately, we’ve had a series of family emergencies the past month and a new baby that have kept me from my usual routine. Thank you for your patience and I hope you’ve had at least some time to do some fishing and/or crabbing.
Aside from the unpredictable weather, this Fall and Winter should prove fruitful for Puget Sound Anglers and Shellfishers. Crabbing is open now through December 31st in most areas of Puget Sound(and yes, the areas around Camano are included in that). Also, Winter Blackmouth opens on November 1st and is open through April 30th. Daily limit is 2 combined Chinook/Coho, must release wild Chinook. Coho fishing in the Puget Sound and rivers is pretty much died down but look for some stragglers and Steelhead in those rivers.
Join our 4th Annual Running Winter Blackmouth Derby:
Cost: Just $10 per person!
Who: All anglers, regardless of age. In fact, everyone in your boat must be entered for your fish to count, even kids, to prevent cheating.
When: November 1st – April 30th (Winter Blackmouth Season). Sign up RIGHT NOW at Elger Bay Grocery. You can join the derby at any point in the season, just as long as you sign up before you go fishing; catching a fish then signing up is cheating!
Where: Hatchery Chinook(Blackmouth) from Marine Areas 8-1, 8-2 and 9 are allowed to be weighed. Bring fish to Elger Bay Grocery for weigh-in 6am-9pm, 7 days per week. Limit 1 fish per person per day but you can weigh a fish everyday that you catch one. 
Prizes: Cash for 1st place and a mystery weight, special prize for the most fish weighed in throughout derby duration so weigh every Blackmouth you catch!
Rules: All WDFW rules and regulations must be followed. Elger Bay Grocery is not responsible for injuries or accidents. A chart will be up inside store with current standings so come by often to check it out.

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25th Annual Stanwood Eagles Derby

Stanwood Eagles
25th Annual Blackmouth Fishing Derby
Saturday & Sunday, April 21st & 22nd

$50 entry per person

Tons of Cash and other Prizes!

Fishing in Marine Areas 8-1 & 8-2 only. Weigh-in from 3pm-4pm on Saturday and 2pm-3pm on Sunday @ the Stanwood Eagles(6419 Pioneer Hwy. Stanwood). Prizes will be awarded on Sunday after weigh-ins. Sign ups end @ 2pm on Friday, April 20th or until closing at the Stanwood Eagles on Friday, April 20th. For more info, call Ed Keller: 425-308-9437. Sign up at Elger Bay Grocery, Camano Marine, Hook Line & Sinker, Holiday Sports or John’s Sporting Goods.

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Hot Plug Derby Results

Here are the results for the 2012 Hot Plug’s Fishing Derby:

1st Place Gordan Taylor 11.4lb.s $1450.00

2nd Place Al Audet 8.5lb.s $580.00

3rd Place Tina Taylor 6.4lb.s $435.00

4th Place Nate Bisson 4.7lb.s $290.00

There were 5 total Fish caught and 58 People entered.

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Hot Plug Derby – Sat. Feb 25th

The 26th annual, Hot Plug’s Blackmouth Derby will be one day only this year: February 25th. Sign up now through Friday, February 24th @ 2pm at Elger Bay Grocery.

Tons of CASH and other PRIZES!

Entry fee is $50 per person and everyone in the boat must be entered. This is an all weather derby and all WDFW rules & regulations apply. Fishing in marine areas 8-1 & 8-2 only. Weigh in from 3:00-4:30pm sharp @ Stanwood Eagles. For more info, call Ed Keller 425-308-9437.

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Fishing Report 1/9/12

Fishing Report 1/9/12

The usual, mid-winter, broken-record reports of little to no fish being caught (on the few days anglers have had to hit the water with all the windy weather) are sadly going to continue for this issue. The past 3 weeks have seen 3 keepers weighed in for the Elger Bay running derby, but the good news is they’ve been decent size: a 10lb, a 7lb and an 8lb; all Blackmouth caught in the south-end holes of Greenbank, Elger Bay and in front of the State Park boat launch. The good news is that we usually see better fishing in the spring than in December; let’s hope that holds true this year.

Dungeness Crabbing is now closed until Summer so you’d better not be seen dropping any crab pots unless you want your gear confiscated and an $89 PER CRAB ticket.

Things to look forward to this spring include:

~ Blackmouth Salmon continues until April 30th; daily limit of 2

~ Spot shrimping will open for at least 1 day in May; details TBA

~ Halibut and Lingcod will be open sometime in May/June; details TBA

~ Sturgeon is open year-round but should start really heating up in February(assuming of course the WDFW doesn’t succeed with their sneaky, illogical, corrupt plan to close Sturgeon fishing to recreational anglers when we only account for a tiny fraction of the Sturgeon that are harvested each year)

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Fishing Report 12/5/11

For a nice change of pace, the fishing report last week was actually very good. While crabbers are still catching enough Dungies to fill their dinner plates, Blackmouth fishermen had decent success around Elger Bay, Sandy Beach and in front of the State Park boat launch. Several fish each day were brought in and weighed at the store, with many more shakers and natives thrown back those same days. Most of the success was had trolling with spoons and herring near the bottom.

Glen is still in the lead of the Elger Bay running derby with his 15 pounder, but the competition is hot on his tail! One new participant landed a 19lb keeper but had just signed up for the derby that morning so we couldn’t weigh his fish for the contest. He vowed to keep at it though!

Crabbing closes at the end of this month but Chinook Salmon will stay open until April 30th.

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Elger Bay’s “Running” Winter Blackmouth Derby

What do we mean by “running”? That means that it isn’t just one or two days like most derbies; this derby starts on November 1st and doesn’t end until April 30th next year(the close of the season)! And you can weigh in a fish every day that you catch one(obviously it has to be a different fish each time) at any time we are open, which is 6am – 9pm, 7 days a week.

All WDFW rules apply and fish must be from the saltwater in marine areas 8-1, 8-2 or 9; no river fish will be accepted. The entry fee is just $10 per person regardless of age and everyone in the boat must be entered for the fish to be valid. And the best part? 100% of the entry fees collected will be given away as prize money!

Sign ups start now and don’t end until the derby is over, but if you sign up after October 31st, you have to wait 2 days before a fish can be weighed in to prevent cheating. So get in to the store and sign up today!

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