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Fishing Report 9/5/11

The question this report isn’t “Where are they catching fish?” but rather, where aren’t they? It’s been awhile since there’s been so much good fishing in our area and I for one am glad to see it. All 3 of our local rivers(Skagit, Stilly & Snohomish) are now open and on fire for Humpy(Pink) Salmon. And the Pinks being caught in the rivers are still bright and some even have sea lice still on them!

For the Skagit River: Dick Nite spoons or sand shrimp with spin n glows are the most popular choice for gear. In the Stilly: it’s Dick Nites or Buzz Bombs. And on the Snohomish: squid jigs and the new buzz bomb-squid combo are popular. There have also been numerous reports of Silvers in the Stilly and at Possession amongst the hordes of Humpies.

Camano Head, Kayak Pt, Humpy Hollow, Possession Bar and Strawberry Pt are some of the best bets for anglers looking to catch Pinks & Silvers before they make it into the river. Buzz Bombs, pink squid behind a white flasher or any of the popular Silver Horde spoons(in pink colors) behind a purple haze flasher are good choices for fishing the saltwater.

Don’t forget: CRABBING IS NOW CLOSED(after today) in the Puget Sound except for Marine area 7(San Juans). We are supposed to be getting a winter season but they haven’t said when yet. Stay tuned for more details.

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Fishing Report 8/25/11

 The Pink Salmon fishing in Port Susan turned on just yesterday. Reports of fish jumping and biting were the talk of the day yesterday. However, the fish on the west side of Camano as of today are still pretty scattered. Your best chance at catching some Salmonare: the Skagit River, Port Susan bay, Deception Pass, the San Juans or Possession Bar. Silvers, Kings and Humpys are still being caught in decent numbers in the San Juans and the Possession Bar, while the Skagit River is the hottest spot for Pinks.

What should you use for Pink Salmon? pink Buzz bombs, pink squid(aka hoochies), pink Dick Nites, pink jigs, pink spin n glows with sand shrimp… notice a pattern? Pink lures for Pink Salmon is an easy way to select gear, then it gets more complicated from there depending on where you want to go and what technique you want to use. Trolling herring also works. The spin n glow with a sand shrimp is the #1 way to fish for Humpys on the Skagit, so if that’s where you’re headed, that’s what you need to use.
Current Season Updates:
– Salmon is open in the Tulalip Bubble Fridays through noon Mondays from
June 3 – Sept. 5th. Chinook min. size 22″, other Salmon species no min. Daily
limit 2 PLUS 2 Pink Salmon(Humpys).
– Coonstripe and Pink Shrimp are open June 1 – Oct 15th daily with a 150′
max fishing depth. Must return all Spot Shrimp immediately. Daily limit 10lbs each.
– Sockeye opened in Baker Lake on July 23rd. Daily limit of 3 per person,
minimum 18″. Still good reports coming from there this week.
– Salmon is open in Marine area 9(Possession Pt) from July 16-Aug. 31st.
Chinook must be 22″ minimum and must be hatchery. Daily limit 2 combined PLUS 2 additional Pink Salmon.
– Salmon fishing in the rest of Marine Areas 8-1 & 8-2 opened on August
1st. Daily limit of 2 Coho or Pink Salmon(no Chinook) plus 2 additional Pink
Salmon per person. No minimum size on Coho or Pink. Release Chinook.
– The Skagit River opened for Salmon on August 1st. The Snohomish River
opens on August 16th and the Stillaguamish opens on September 1st.

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WDFW Commission Approves new Crabbing Rules…

Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission
600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091

February 7, 2011

Contact: Susan Galloway, (360) 902-2267 or
WDFW Fish Program, (360) 902-2700

Commission approves new fishing seasons
for Lake Sutherland game fish, Puget Sound crab

OLYMPIA – The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission approved fishing closures in the Elwha River Basin linked to the impending removal of two major dams and adopted new Puget Sound crab-fishing seasons for 2011 during a meeting here Feb. 4-5.

The commission, which sets policy for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), also approved new restrictions on recreational and commercial fisheries in the western Strait of Juan de Fuca to protect bottomfish.

The Elwha fishing moratorium, set to begin in March of 2012, is designed to protect native salmon and trout during demolition of the Elwha and Glines Canyon dams and encourage their expansion into 70 miles of new spawning and rearing habitat.

The fishing moratorium, which will remain in effect until further notice, was previously endorsed by the National Park Service and the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe for the fisheries they manage in the watershed.

The commission’s action will not, however, close all fishing in Lake Sutherland, which is linked to the Elwha River by Indian Creek. Fishery managers had previously proposed closing fishing in the lake, currently open year-round, as part of a strategy to rebuild salmon runs in the watershed.

“The public made a strong case that we should allow fishing in Lake Sutherland at least part of the year,” said Miranda Wecker, commission chair. “We agreed on an approach that will support salmon recovery without closing fishing year-round.”

Effective May 1 of this year, only kokanee and trout measuring 6-18 inches can be retained at Lake Sutherland, which will close for the year Nov. 1, 2011. Starting next year, the new rules adopted by the commission also will limit fishing for kokanee and other game fish in Lake Sutherland from the third Saturday in April through the end of October.

In other action, the commission approved new regulations for the 2011 recreational crab season that reflect a new policy adopted last October to expand sport fishing opportunities for Puget Sound crabbers.

Those new regulations allow sport crabbers to fish for Dungeness crab in Puget Sound five days a week – Thursday through Monday – with a five-crab daily limit. Most of Puget Sound will be open from July through Labor Day.

The exception is Marine Area 7 (San Juan Islands), where crab seasons will open later in the season to protect soft-shell crab. Sport crab fisheries in the southern portion of Marine Area 7 will run from July 15 through Sept. 30. In the northern and eastern portions of Marine Area 7 the sport crab fishery will be open from Aug. 15 through Sept. 30.

Winter crab-fishing opportunities in marine areas of Puget Sound will vary depending on the number of crab still available for harvest after summer catch numbers are tallied.

Also during the February meeting, the commission reduced the daily bottomfish limit from 15 to 10 for recreational anglers and closed several commercial marine fish fisheries in Catch Area 4B (western Strait of Juan de Fuca). The changes provide additional protection for bottomfish in the western Strait of Juan de Fuca.

The commission also approved:

Changes in state fishing rules on a variety of issues, including closing fishing for Columbia River smelt (eulachon) statewide. Summaries of the rule changes, as adopted, will be available on the department’s website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/regulations/rule_proposals/ by mid-February.
An updated management policy for Columbia River summer chinook salmon, which retains the 50/50 allocation between recreational and commercial fishers downstream from Priest Rapids Dam.
Amendments to commercial bottomfish, forage fish and shellfish fisheries in Puget Sound designed to protect rockfish populations.
Updates to the North of Falcon policy, which provides direction to fishery managers in defining annual salmon fishing seasons in Washington’s waters.
In addition, the commission held public hearings on amendments to rules for buying or selling of game and changes to recreational clam and oyster seasons on Puget Sound beaches.

For more information about future commission meetings, visit WDFW’s website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/commission/ .

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25th Annual Hot Plug Derby – Feb. 19th-20th

Sign up today for the 25th Annual Hot Plug Blackmouth Derby, happening February 19th & 20th. Entry is $60 per person; sign up at Elger Bay Grocery, Camano Marine or Stanwood Eagles. Sign ups end on the 18th. This derby is happening no matter what the weather and everyone in the boat must be entered. WDFW rules and regulations apply. Fishing allowed in Marine Area 8-1 & 8-2 only.

For more info, call Ed Keller at 425-308-9437

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Lamiglas Rock Creek Series Rods now just $79.99!

Lamiglas Rock Creek Series

IM8 Graphite Salmon/Steelhead Rods

now on special for: $79.95

that’s a $20 savings off the suggested retail!

Available in Med, Med/Hvy, Hvy and Xtra Hvy actions in 8’6″ and 9′ lengths

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Columbia River Fishery Update

“The Columbia River Springer season will not officially be announced until February. However, here is a preseason look at some of the basin.

The Willamette River is the good news. The actual return last year was 110,500. This year’s expectation is 104,000. The mark rate is high. About 83,000 fish will be “keepers” (adipose fin-clipped). About 62,400 of those fish will be 5-year olds. Those fish are larger and usually return earlier. The season will follow the permanent regulations in the pamphlet including a 7-day a week opener and a 2-fish bag limit.

As a result of the good Willamette Run, the Clackamas will also follow the permanent regulations and have a good return. The bad news is they don’t bite. Last year in 7,550 angler trips, 740 fish were kept and 107 were released. There will be fish, so don’t stop trying.

Last year, the springer season on the Columbia from B-10 to I-5 ran 7-days a week through April 18th. Last year, the run size, ESA allocation and to a larger degree the Catch Balancing agreement with the tribes combined to give us 17,000 clipped fish for sportsmen. That was on a run size that totaled 315,300 fish. This year’s expectation is for a run of 198,400 and about 7,000 clipped fish for sportsmen in the lower river season. If we stay 7-days a week and 2-fish, there is a real chance the season would end considerably sooner than last year’s April 18th. As I said earlier, those decisions won’t be made until February.

The 10-year catch balancing agreement (US v. Oregon) with the tribes calls for a buffer of 30% of the available fish. The buffer is designed to insure that enough fish get past Bonneville Dam for harvest by the up-river tribes and Idaho sportsmen. If we do not need the buffer, we will get those fish back. They would likely come back to us in May or June so that they run right into the Summer season, making that opportunity longer.

The summer opportunity is going to be great. Last year, 72,300 summer Chinook came home. The expectation for 2011 is 91,100.

As a result of a so-so Columbia season the expectations for the lower CR tribs isn’t optimistic. Last year 8,850 fish returned to the Cowlitz. This year the department is predicting a return of 6,600 fish. That is likely enough for a season which follows the current permanent rule.

Last year 760 fish returned to the Kalama where there was a 7-day a week, 1-fish bag limit season. This year only 600 fish are expected and there will likely be season restrictions. We will learn about those restrictions in February.

On the Lewis River the prediction is 3,400 fish versus an actual return of 2,800 fish last year. It still is not enough fish to guarantee a 7-day a week, 1-fish bag limit fishery. Like the Kalama, we will learn the actual season in February.

If you would like to give testimony on season setting, there are public meetings in January and February. Contact me for dates, times and locations.

Ocean and Fall seasons are set in the North of Falcon (NOF) meeting process. Upriver Bright returns are supposed to be above average. Tule returns below average (will be our constraining stock) and coho returns will be below average. The popular B-10 season is set in the NOF meetings. If you would like to attend those, contact me for dates, times and locations.

Smelt have been ESA listed. There will be no season sport or commercial.

The Shad return is predicted at 1,000,000 which will be the sixth consecutive season where the run declines. However the season will open under permanent regulation.

Sturgeon population declines will lead to a corresponding decline in quota and maybe days a week of retention. The season will be set at the February 8th Joint State Hearing. The quota reduction will likely be about 29%.

Steelhead returns are expected to be similar to the 10-year average.

All of these numbers were culled from a preliminary draft of 2011 expectations compiled in a joint effort of the ODFW, WDFW and Idaho Fish & Game. Call me if you would like to learn more about the details on the form. I am hesitant to send it out because it is subject to substantial change and my only copy has copious notes scribbled through-out.



Buyer for Big Rock Sports West

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Fishing Report 11/12/10

The Winter Blackmouth season that started November 1st and continues until April 30th of next year is off to a relatively slow start. There are fish being caught, and some decent sized ones at that, but it has not been the usually hot opening week.

The locations producing the most keepers seem to be Greenbank and Elger Bay, with a couple also being reported from the north end of Camano.

Spoons are definitely the #1 choice in what goes on the end of your line, followed by an 11” Green or Purple Haze flasher on a 40-44” leader. Popular spoon colors include: White Lightning, Cookies & Cream, Purple Haze, Blue/Silver and Irish Cream.

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Sturgeon Pics from a local angler

Thank you Kelly for these inspiring pictures! I believe the bottom one is from Ilwaco.

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Take Me Fishing.org

I wanted to take a minute today and tell everyone about this great website: http://www.takemefishing.org. This site is dedicated to facilitating the growth of fishing across the country.

I think the best part about this site is that it has all the information you need to plan a trip to over 11,000 different locations around the country for fishing and/or boating. Including fun family activities and tips on how to fish.

 The conservation section has different suggestions we can all do to help do our part for the environment, especially as it relates to our fishing waters, and how you can volunteer your time and energy in the effort.

I love the “Family Fun” section. It has advice on how to get kids involved and links to different events around the country that involve kids fishing.

If you visit our flickr page on the right of your screen, you’ll see pics from last year’s derby and how we had 10 kids this year, compared to the 3 from the first year. I can honestly say that I was so excited by this growth in the young participants, that it didn’t matter how much money we raised via the adults. Why do I say this? Because kids are our future. With kids, what you put in is what you get out. If parents don’t spend the time and energy to take their kids, their relative’s kids, or their children’s friends fishing, then in 20 years there will be no fishing. So when people ask me what my goal is for our derby’s 3rd year, I’m gonna say, “I’m hoping to see 20 kids in the children’s competition; I’d consider that a huge success.”

 Anyways, rather than me raving for hours about the site, just go check it out.

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An invitation to contribute

I try to listen to every person that walks through my door and knows about fishing. I watch people demonstrate setups and techniques whenever I can. I try to go out with customers and friends to try what I’ve learned. However, I like many others in the retail biz, often run out of time.

With this in mind, I and my readers would love for those of you who do have the time to send me your: reports, successes, failures, reviews of my products, articles, pictures, ideas, drawings, links, maps, anything you think is of interest or can help someone who is new to the sport get better. If you know of a fishing event going on in our area(even up north or down in Everett), let me know. If you want to give me criticism, be it positive or negative, about the site, I want to hear it!

 So please, send me a message at tyranidlurker@hotmail.com, because without your help, I’ll eventually run out of things to talk about(a scary thought for those of you who know me).

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